Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival

The SCMTB Fest was awesome as always, and a great way to kick off Spring.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the final days of Post Office.  The sun was shining, everyone was out shredding, and there were no injuries to be seen!  The kids in the amateur (“too young to be in pro”) class were absolutely tearing it up, and made me so stoked that I’ve gotten to see them progress since before they could even hit the jumps.  These are the sessions you think of when you here the words “Post Office”.



Photos by Pierre Tardif

Wheel of Fortune

I guess I’m a game show announcer now…

Always a good time at the step-up!

Home Turf


No matter how much fun you have riding other places, you always find yourself back on your home trails. You've ridden them hundreds of times and somehow they never get old. You have them memorized, yet just when you think you know all the lines, another one pops up. You share every slash, drift, huck, and pre-hop with your buddies who follow closely behind you. It's where you've grown up, and no matter how hard you look, you find there's just no place like home.


Brain Roost

All Work & No Play

We've all heard it before: “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It's a concept that gets so easy to lose track of when you've spent a few months digging-in the winter's new line. The trail is like a child to you at this point; you've been there for its development every step of the way, from the initial raking that uncovers the luscious loam, to the final packing of the shimmering landing. It consumes you, and it feels like it may never get finished, giving you all the more incentive to spend another day digging. But there is a balance.

Too much digging and you start getting unrealistic in your designs. Underestimating speed, building lips with too tight of radii, and overlooking g-outs comes to mind. More importantly, you seem to lose your creative eye for digging and begin to feel intimidated once the line nears completion.

When we finished up our own line and got the bike out, I couldn't help but think, “we've created a monster.” This fear is coupled with excitement however, as the slow build-up over the months has led up to this moment. The satisfaction of riding the line, and in a sense, conquering it, is profound. The seemingly countless hours of work are suddenly paid off. The transition is made from feelings of restraint and desire to feelings of freedom and gratification. This is the reason people build trails. Throw those shovels in the corner of the garage, it's time to ride. It's like the last day of school. Summer is here and with it comes elation and adventure.

This video is our interpretation of this series of feelings, as we strived to build everything new for the film. The project naturally had its ups and downs, like the Great Poison Oak Massacre of 2013 and the 2013 Pioneer Logging Excursion through Poison Oak Canyon. As rough as it got, there came an equal or greater reward. We were shown that when a task becomes discouragingly difficult, you just need to remember the light at the end of the tunnel and the enjoyment that your work will bring others.

We want to give a huge thanks to Ryan Stayskal for letting us use his property; we couldn't have done it without him!

Fogelsodes On The Road: Episode 4 - Whistler Part 2

As if staying up in Whistler couldn't get any better, Crankworx was upon us and awesome times were unleashed. It's always insane every year when pretty much everyone you know who rides a bike comes to the same place for a week of shredding. The arrival of Iggy and Luke brought new motivation to switch up our routine. John Rempel took us out to a bunch of local trails, which made for an unreal week of shredding with the homies! At some point, it had to come to an end though, and I made the sad but necessary journey home.

It Came Out of the Sky - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Evil Woman - Electric Light Orchestra
Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen

Red Bull Signature Series Page

They threw me on the background for the Signature Series Joyride Page!  No visor and all!

sig series

Fogelsodes On The Road: Episode 3 - Whistler Part 1

Physical therapy for my shoulder went perfectly and I got cleared to ride! Two days later, Keegan and I were northbound on I-5 in the trusty Ranger, en route to Whistler! Max, Cooper, and Will met us up there for an unreal month of bike park shreddin', dirt jump cruisen', sink clogging, rope swinging goodness!

Freeze-Frame - The J.Geils Band
20th Century Boy - T. Rex
The Long Run - The Eagles
One Step - Slackstring

Fogelsodes On The Road: Episode 2 - Rehab in Tahoe

Some of my best friends Iggy Strbac, Luke Hutchison, and Mike Hoenisch moved up to South Lake Tahoe last year, where they've got an awesome set-up going. With rad downhill trails everywhere, a sweet dirt jump spot, their front yard pump track, and the lake, they've definitely got it going on! With my recovering shoulder, I decided to spend the weekend up there to visit them and watch X-Games. Keegan Quiroz joined me, and our buddy Brad Pierce jumped in at the last minute on the way! It was nothing but a good time and my shoulder's coming back quick!

I've Got a Woman - Ray Charles
Old Friends - Salazar and the Nuthouse
I Can't Be Satisfied - Muddy Waters
Shake Our Tree - The Rosebuds

Fogelsodes On The Road: Episode 1 - GoPro Games

The Fogelsodes are back! As you may have noticed, they began to get pretty repetitive with plenty of Post Office and step-up riding to go around. What better way to spice them up than to buy a laptop and create them through the action-packed summer. My goal is to reveal the road-trip lifestyle that goes along with each contest or riding trip; showing that each trip is more of an adventure than it is a result. The days are long, the weather's great, so climb on in the trusty Ford Ranger and let's get on the road!

Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones
Black Mountain Rag - Doc & Merle Watson
Boogie - Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
I Don't Live In A Dream - Jackie Greene